Services - Interim Management in Health Care Marketing

Do you presently have a vacancy in marketing health care? Then this is the right address! I am specialized in temporary filling vacant marketing positions for ethical pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

I have been bridging personnel shortages in marketing health care for many years. I get familiar with all important marketing and personnel matters very quickly. I am happy to take over all sorts of marketing projects. I am very experienced in product management or I can take leadership tasks. I can work operationally or strategically in national or international context.

Profound expertise based on years of experience are the basis for my professional interim management. I have a great potential of practical knowledge and I know the interactions between the different departments of a company very well.

I move projects forward dynamically and with a lot of enthusiasm. I pursue my goals with realistic planning and I stick to deadlines. My social skills acquired over many years make me an excellent team player.

I usually ensure a smooth transition without interruption of marketing processes at the end of my assignment by helping integrate my successor. Upon request, I'm always happy to assist in the recruitment of this person.